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BBC News BUSINESS America's anthrax patent dilemma Placing a sample of ciprofloxacin hydrocoride monohydrate in a closed, saturated atmosphere of an organic biocompatible solvent, allowing the sample to equilibrate for a period of about 1-5 days so that the monohydrate converts to the desired polymorph, and recovering anhydrous, unsolvated crystalline ciprofloxacin hydrocoride. America's anthrax patent dilemma. Bayer's Cipro tablets. Bayer is tripling production to cope with demand. by BBC News Online's Emma Clark.

Patents - CIPRO Subject: Anthrax, Drug Transnationals and TRIPs Antibiotics and the Food System ([email protected]) Posted: 11/07/2001 ============================================================ KEYCODE BAYER #50 KEYCODE BAYER is published by the German Coalition against BAYER-dangers which has been monitoring the BAYER Corporation for more than 20 years. Patents A patent is an exclusive rht granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides a new way of doing something, or offers a new cal.

Is it time to bust the Cipro patent? - A patent refers to a new and non-obvious invention, which is suitable to be applied in trade or industry or agriculture. Thursday, Oct 18, 2001 PM UTC Is it time to bust the Cipro patent? Activist Jamie Love accuses the Bush administration of.

The Cipro Dilemma After the near collapse of a deal between the government and Bayer AG on the price of its antianthrax drug Cipro, an agreement was finally reached to nearly halve the price that the government pays for the drug. The Cipro Dilemma---In the anthrax crisis, Tommy Thompson distorted patent law to save public health. Good move? Matt Fleischer-Black The American Lawyer

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